Contact Information

Address: 3241 North Dayton Street - Chicago, IL 60657

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm  - Closed Sat & Sun

Phone: (312) 651-7387   Ext. 7070

Fax: (312) 846-6867


Urban Out Sitters - Lakeview Daycare Facility

Located right in the heart of Lakeview, the 4500sq ft, single, level facility is fully staffed. Along with a full day of supervise playtime within a climate control environment; routine baths and brushing to keep their coats fresh and tangle free. Convenient access to veterinary care. Contact the Lakeview daycare facility to discuss operations or to arrange a tour.

Mid-Day Pet Shuttle to River West Boarding Center

Drop-Off before 9am (M-F) at Lakeview location - 3241 N. Dayton St.

A complimentary service between stores; this service is designed to transport dogs between locations for boarding at the River West Boarding Facility.


Pick-Up after 4pm (M-F) at Lakeview location - 3241 N. Dayton St.

Clients can arrange to have their dog(s) returned to the Lakeview location for pick up. Dogs leaving after 9AM are charged and additional $24/dog(s) for daycare. (Note: to avoid this charge; clients are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Pick-Up before 9AM at the River West location.


Weekend Shuttle Service

If a client needs to Pick-Up on a weekend; they are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Mid-Day Pet Shuttle in only available Monday thru Friday.


Regular Pet Taxi Service

If client needs Drop-Off and Pick-Up only for boarding; we offer a Pet-Taxi Service $20/each way. Available only on weekdays.