Boarding at Urban Out Sitters

Boarding Prices

Overnight Stay (each night)


Any additional dog per household, per overnight stay: Each night ($30), after 10am ($24)


The registration process can take up to 24 hours to verify vaccines or keys.

Service can begin when an account is activated.


-Create an online account

-Submit vaccination records (upload or fax: 312-846-6867 or email:


-Submit: (2) sets of working Keys (required with transportation)


All dog(s) must have current vaccines to avoid possible outbreaks or spreadable contagion.


-Rabies, Bordetella (every 6 months), DHPP, Fecal Exam

-Dog(s) must be neutered by (6) months

-Submit vaccination records (upload or fax: 312-846-6867 or email:

Required for Puppies:

-Bordetella - less then (6) months




Urban Out Sitters offers a healthy outlet for a dogs to socialize in a cage-free dog daycare environment. 

Cage-free is a stress-free environment! Dogs sleep better at night because they are cage free all day!

Unlike most facilities, we do not cage your pet all day and let them out for playtime, just the opposite!
Dogs play all day!

Your pet will have it's own space to sleep at night to insure a good nights rest.

Socialized or Unsocialized:

Play groups range in size, consisting of small breeds, puppies, and larger breeds. We structure groups by size and chemistry - strategically placing a dog within the right setting to maximize better socialization. Every dog is tempermant tested to determine placement within either group. To enroll a dog into a cage-free enviornment they must be well-adjusted and non-aggressive.

Timid dogs are introduced at their own pace. In some cases it can take as long as two weeks to adjust to a new environment. We’ve experienced unsocialized dogs can become social, learn to behave, and even make friends. If a dog is not comfortable with other dogs or making progress, we’ll explain to the owner that a boarding environment is simply not in their dog’s best interest.

-Puppy socialization, potty training, correct destructive behavior

-Adolescent socialization, exercising, playing, correct anti-social behavior

-Mature and Elderly socialization, stimulating and enriching quality of life

Day Care

As soon as our doors open, many dogs arrive for day care pulling their way into our facility. Guests are ready to have a full day of play, stimulation and romping with playmates.There is always some form of activity in motion. Each dogs energy and play is different. Some run, wrestle, chase, snuggle, nap or simply hang out with friends and our staff.

Dogs are constantly supervised by a team of trained and experienced attendants. Their main responsibility is to watch play activity, monitor safety, and supply continuous access to drinking water. It is important for them to notate any abnormal behavior, digestive issues, early onset of illiness, changes in mood, or signs of fatigue. When we notice a change in one a dogs behavior, we will let the owner know of the situation.


We'll care for your pet all day in our open environment. We seperate for sleeping to make sure your pup get the rest they need for the next day of play.

With a constant cleaning regime within the facilities - every attendant knows the importance to keep a dog clean. They do body checks and brush outs so each dog is presentable to go home. We know that even the hardcore player has a bad fur day. A departure bath is available upon request at an additional cost. ($25/small or $35/large) See if you qualify for a complimentary bath. Sometimes we'll give your pet a complimentary bath, just because! If you would rather us not, please inform the front desk and we will have you sign a "No Bath Waiver"

Remember, dogs staying after 10am on their last day will be billed for daycare. Please ask for details if you are unclear.

At the end of a boarding experience, our hope is your best friend will be tired from their stay with us. We are sure after your trip you will enjoy a more peaceful evening at home to unwind.


-Cage-Free Daycare

-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks

-Departure bath (Ask for details, you maybe entitled to a complimentary bath!)

-No inflated charges for rooms, suites or glass enclosures

-Blankets are provided for dog(s) to lay upon.

-Outside play time

-Puppy playground equipment

-Separate play areas for small and large dogs


-Dogs must be vaccinated

-Dogs must be non-aggressive

-Dogs must be neutered or spayed


-Clients may request to have their dog crated throughout the day to help with crate training or potty training.

-Clients may choose to utilize our pet transportation service.


-Dogs are exhausted after their stay due to the many hours of fun and activity.


River West Boarding/Daycare Facility

848 W Superior Street, Chicago IL 60661


Dogs can be dropped off or picked up within open office hours.


River West Boarding/Daycare Facility

-Weekdays (7am-8pm)

-Weekends (8-10am) or (4-6pm)


-Each dog departing after (10am) is charged an additional $24 for daycare.


Dogs are fed separately twice each day in the AM and PM.


-Separate meals into clear zip lock bags

-Label each meal with Pet(s) Full Name, Date and Feeding AM or PM Time.

-Must supply enough food for the duration of the vacation.

-Do not submit large bags of food or containers.


-Lunch can be fed by owner request.

-Wet food can be mixed with dry food and refrigerated on premises.


-Food separation/preparation surcharge for food not separated.


Dog(s) that require medication.


-Medication must be clearly marked and with written instructions.

-Must supply medicine for the duration of vacation.


-Cost for each pet and each medication dose


-insulin or injectables fluids


Urban Out Sitters cannot guarantee belongings will be returned in the same condition.





Free Shuttle

Complimentary shuttle between stores for boarding.


Monday thru Friday


-Drop-Off at the Lakeview Facility before (9am).

-Pick-Up at the Lakeview Facility after (4pm).


-Pick-Up at the River West Boarding/Daycare Facility (7am-8pm)


-Each dog departing after (10am) is charged an additional $24 for daycare.


Clients can either call, email or use online booking to request, change, reschedule or cancel service.

An email confirmation is sent to guarantee a service is booked.


-Reservation Line: 312-651-7387



-To book a service less than 24 hours, contact the office during office hours


-Next day service requests from after voicemails, emails or online booking cannot be guaranteed


Accommodations are reserved for each dog.


-Cancel boarding 24 hours prior to service

-Cancel transportation request prior to UOS showing up at residence


-One night of boarding per pet(s)

-Transportation fee


-No credits or refunds picking up early


All boarding accommodations are at our River West Daycare/Boarding Facility. Boarding is not available at any other location. Payment for accommodations is required at time of check-in. No minimum days for boarding. There is no minimum days for boarding or pricing difference for weekends. Health: Every pet must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses. Each guest must have current vaccines and be spayed or neutered past the age of (6) months prior to day care. Educate: Clients must realize, even when a dogs vaccines are current and verified - dogs may possibly pass an illness to one another. If you notice your dog sick prior to boarding, do not bring your dog to board , as it could potentially contaminate the playgroup and environment. Clients should also be aware that dogs play on different energy levels. Some are hyper and over active, while others are more calm and low-key. Know that scratches on the body, knicks on the ears or nose, and punctures from a misplaced tooth or toe nail could possibly happen. It is possible a brawl could spark between one non-aggressive dog not liking another non-aggressive dog. Understand with regard to any injury (minor or severe) Urban Out Sitters does it best to make the owner aware of the situation or as a direct result seek immediate medical attention for their pet. Injuries: Urban Out Sitters is not responsible for dog injuries that can occur from a pets attendance and participation in boarding. Clients are responsible to assume full financial responsibility for their pets veterinary emergency care. Fees: Dogs leaving after (10am) are charged an additional $24/dog(s) for daycare. No refunds are available arriving early before the end of a scheduled service. ($10) surcharge for major holidays. ($5) cost for each pet and each medication dose. One time ($15) Food separation/preparation surcharge for food not separated at time of check-in. ($5) Transportation fee when pet taxi shows up at residence and client did not cancel reservation. Cost of one night stay for cancellations less than 24 hours. Saturday and Sunday: Open office hours on weekends are (8-10am) and (4-6pm). No drop-off or pick-up is available outside the weekend time parameters. No transportation is available on Saturday and Sunday.