Dog Walking at Urban Out Sitters

Dog Walking

($14 ea.)
Puppy Out Relief*
($11 ea.)


Any additional dog per household, per day: Walks ($3). (puppy walks require two walks per day).


The registration process can take up to 24 hours to verify vaccines or keys.

Service can begin when an account is activated.


-Create an online account

-Submit vaccination records (upload or fax: 312-846-6867 or email:

-Submit: (2) sets of working keys


All dog(s) must have current vaccines to avoid possible outbreaks or spreadable contagion.


-Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP

-Submit vaccination records (upload or fax: 312-846-6867 or email:

Recommended for Puppies (not required):

-Bordetella - less then (6) months



Dog Walking

Urban Out Sitters assigns the same dogwalker.

Available Weekdays:

Morning: 9-11am

Mid-Day: 11am-2pm

Afternoon: 2-4pm

Dog Walk:

-Individual walk (no pack walking) and bathroom break

-Sitter confirmation reports are emailed daily with (1) - (2) photos taken on the visit

-Reports include dog(s) activity outside

Puppy Out Relief:

-(2) or (3) quick in/out bathroom breaks

-Walking regime builds consistency and familiarity with a home surroundings


-Book service with proper coverage in your absence

-Puppy Walks require a (2) visit minimum per day


-Meet and greets are available upon request

-Feed lunch or snack

-Refresh drinking water


-Puppy Walks unavailable for dogs past the age of 6 months


-In the case of an illness or reassignment, a substitute walker is provided


Dog(s) that require medication.


-Medication must be clearly marked and with written instructions.


-Cost for each pet and each medication dose


-insulin or injectables fluids


Urban Out Sitters is a bonded and insured company.


-Submit (2) sets of working keys

-Do not leave keys with a doorperson or on-site custodian

-Submit keys no less than 24 hours prior to service

-All locks/doorknobs must be in working condition

-Keys must be provided for all locks

-Provide written authorization for "Urban Out Sitters" to enter (if required)


-Drop-off or Pick-up keys at the River West Facility (Monday-Friday 7am-8pm)


-Leave keys on file

-Clients may drop-off keys at the Lakeview Facility no less than 48 hours prior to service

-Keys can be collected at the Lakeview Facility with 24 hour notice


-Urban Out Sitters will not return keys by mail


Clients can either call, email or use online booking to request, change, reschedule or cancel service.

An email confirmation is sent to guarantee a service is booked.


-Reservation line: 312-651-7387 



-To book a service less than 24 hours, contact the office during office hours


-Next day service requests from after voicemails, emails or online booking cannot be guaranteed


Accommodations are reserved for each dog.


-Must cancel same day service before 9am


-After (9am) dog walking charge


There is no minimum days for dog walking. Puppy Walks require a (2) visit minimum per day. Puppy Walks unavailable for dogs past the age of 6 months. Health: Each dog must have current vaccines prior to dog walking. Educate: Clients must realize, even when a dogs vaccines are current and verified - dogs may possibly pass an illness to one another. While your away, pets that have free reign or crated within a household can be mischievious, by getting out of crates, damaging property, or elimate within a home. At time of service, Urban Out Sitters will report any abnormalities connected to the visit. Understand with regard to any injury (minor or severe) Urban Out Sitters does it best to make the owner aware of the situation or as a direct result seek immediate medical attention for their pet. Injuries: Urban Out Sitters is not responsible for dog injuries that can occur from a pets attendance and participation in dog walking. Clients are responsible to assume full financial responsibility for their pets veterinary emergency care. Fees: Must cancel same day service before 9am. After (9am) client pays for dog walking cost. No refunds are available arriving early before the end of a scheduled service. ($10) surcharge for major holidays. ($5) cost for each pet and each medication dose. Saturday and Sunday: Open office hours on weekends are (8-10am) and (4-6pm). Not available outside the weekend time parameters. Dogwalking is not available on Saturday and Sunday.